Root to stem veggies

If you typically toss the leaves from your broccoli into the trash or peel the skins off of your potatoes, it's time to change your ways!

Skins, leaves, and stalks have unique nutrients not found in other parts of the vegetables. They also have higher concentrations of vitamins than parts more commonly consumed. It's for these reasons that many food companies and restaurants are finding creative ways to repurpose typically tossed out stems, skins, and rinds. (The image of the chips above are made from cold-pressed juice pulp!)

"This is driven by millennials' desire to make the earth a better place. They're finding ways to repurpose and use things that would ordinarily be discarded," explains Moskow. "For example, watermelon rinds being made into pickles. Making cauliflower rice using the stem. [It's about making the most of] something that ordinarily would end up in the garbage."

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